«1.It is late and we do not want the boy - TV. a. watched c. to watch b. watch d. shall watch 2.Sue is a very capable girl. She is one -in the group. a.of a good ...»

Тест формата ЕГЭ. 10 класс. УМК « Spotlight» « Enjoy English»

1. Choose the right variant

1.It is late and we do not want the boy --- TV.

a. watched c. to watch b. watch d. shall watch

2.Sue is a very capable girl. She is one -----in the group.

a.of a good students с of the goodest students

b.of the best students d. of the best student

3.If we _ __ time, we shall discuss this problem,a. shall have c. has b. have d. had

4.I do not know where ----. We cannot find him anywhere.

a. has he gone c. did he go b. he has gone d. had he gone

5.She asked me---_of her child, he was ill.

a. will take care c. has taken care take care d. took care

6. You can look through these newspapers, there are --- people inthe library now. a. little c. few b. a little d. much

Ann said that she ---that book as she was interested in history.a. will read c. was read b. would read d, is reading

8.already left by the time I arrived.

a. He's c. He'd b. He was d. He'll9. I haven't seen hershe was a little girl.

a. since c. when Ь.аs d. for

2. Write down the letter to your friend, ask 3 questions about his new school.

A letter from Norman :

I changed my school and a new school makes me feel uncomfortable. I look rather unfashionable among my classmates, most of them smoke, boast that they wear trendy clothes. What shall I do ? How stupid I was when I disliked my uniform in my former school. Perhaps, is it better to start smoking to look like my classmates?

3. Use the words in capitals to form a word that fits in the space( дополнительное задание- продвинутый уровень)


It is important to make a good (0)......when going IMPRESS

for a job interview. Interviewers usually ask a (1)......of VARIOUS

questions, many of which concern (2).......However, they QUALIFY

also usually like to ask questions about previous (3) OCCUPY

well as (4)......not connected to the work place. Often, the ACHIEVE

(5)......candidate is not the one with the most impressive SUCCESS

(6)......but the one who shows that he or she has made EDUCATE

the most (7)......use of their time. Few employers want EFFECT

employees who are (8) think for themselves. The ABLE

(9)......of advancement in any job very rarely depends on POSSIBLE

the (10)......of work but more on the enthusiasm and ACCURATE

dedication of the employee.

.4. Fill in the gaps using the right word from the table

I enjoy watching football but I’ve never been very good _____ it.( jn, of, at)2) At our local sports centre you can play a wide variety of _____ sports.( outdoor, extremely, indoors)3) I’m not too keen ____ sports such as boxing.( on, at, of)4) The ____ you need for skiing, like boots and ski suit, can be quite expensive.( skills, equipment, events)5) It’s a pity that most people only support ____ during the Olympics.( providers, athletics, events)6) Are you fond ____ sports like tennis?( in, of, at)7) Which do you prefer – summer or ____ sports?( autumn, winter, spring)8) Is there a swimming… in your town? ( pool, suit, cap)9) Personally, I think the ____ should have awarded a penalty.( goalkeeper, referee, coach)

10) Athletes have to be extremely ____ if they want to compete successfully.( patient, overweight, fit)

10 класс.

Обязательны для выполнения-1, 2 и 4 задания.

3 задание не обязательное, можно рекомендовать продвинутым ученикам.

Всего- 25 баллов






Лексико- грамматические навыки( времена, степени сравнения, условные предложения, косвенная речь)











II.Написание личного письма( тема «Школьная жизнь»)

6 баллов ( 2б- структура( обращение, дата, прощание, деление на абзацы)

2б- содержание ( ответы на вопросы, свои вопросы)

( 2б- орфография, грамматика)

IV. Лексика по теме «Спорт»

2. indoor

3. on

4. equipment

5. athletics

6. of

7. winter

8. pool

9. referee

10. fit

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