«№ уро ка Дата Тема Обучение аспектам языка в устных формах общения (аудирование и говорение) Примечание Songs, proverbs Лексика Грамматика Фонетика / навыки ...»

Календарно –тематическое планирование на 2016-2017 по предмету «Английский язык» в 4-х классах

I четверть (9 часов)


ка Дата Тема Обучение аспектам языка в устных формах общения (аудирование и говорение) Примечание Songs, proverbs

Лексика Грамматика Фонетика / навыки чтения 1 Greeting. / Revision. Seasons, months of the year; days of the week; numbers 1-900; colours When is your birthday?

My birthday is.... 2 My hobby. daddy, happy, rabbit, apple, game, paper, baker, skating; fashion, photography, violin, jewellery а: [аз], [ei] Dop't won-у, be happy!

3 My friend’s hobby. hobby, dolphin, poppy, cotton, crocus, open, photo, over; cycling, friendship, bracelet, bowling, email Possessive pronouns о: [о], [эи] A friend in need is a friend indeed.

4 The hobbies of my family. pillow, silver, swimming, gymnast, pilot, diving, tiger, typist; basketball, golf, fencing, drama Present Simple (утвердительное и отрицательное предложения) some / any U у: М, [ai] Speech is silver, silence is gold.

5 My relative’s hobbies. tennis, pepper, seller, letter, meter, fever, Venus, Peter Present Simple:

like + V.


(вопросительное предложение и ответы) e: [e], [i:] Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers. Song “Hobby”

6 Activities of the family. rubber, puppy, bubble, butter, super, pupil, music, tulip; campfire, volleyball, boating, hiking Present Simple: adverbs of frequency u: [л], [ju:] Betty Botter had some butter.

7 My friend’s family. cartoon, farmer, party, garden, hare, share, care, parents; path, fountain, flower bed, picnic basket, bench Модальный глагол: can (утвердительное, отрицательное, вопросительное предложения и ответы) ar: [a:] are: [еэ] Take care of yourself.

8 Activities. corner, horse, fortress, morning, store, before, shore, sore Prepositions of time: in, on, at or: [э:] ore: [o:] Think before you speak!

9 Revision. / Test. №


ка Дата Тема Обучение аспектам языка в устных формах общения (аудирование и говорение) Примечание Songs, proverbs

Лексика Грамматика Фонетика/ навыки чтения 10 I want

to be healthy. verb, verse, perfume, perfect, where, there, here, sphere; headache, sore throat, stomach ache, cough, toothache, cold Глагол “have got” (утвердительное, отрицательное, вопросительное предложения и краткие ответы) ег: [з:] ere: [еэ], [ю] Where there is a will, there is a way.

11 Health rules. purple, turtle, curly, surfing, pure, cure, mature, secure; seat belt, vitamins, porridge, fast food, chips Модальный глагол: should (утвердительное и отрицательное предложения) иг: [з:] иге: [juo] Pure food truly cures.

12 You mustn't drink cold water! bird, first, thirsty, myrtle, fire, fireplace, tired, tyre Модальный глагол: must (утвердительное и отрицательное предложения) ir/yr: [з:] ire / уге: [аю] The early bird catches the worm.

13 We are jogging. leaf, peach, ice-cream, leave, weather, head, health, bread Present Continuous (утвердительное, отрицательное, вопросительное предложения и краткие ответы) еа: [i:], [е] Wealth is nothing without health. Song “I am jogging”

14 I want to be a doctor. earn, pearl, early, learn, ear, hear, tears, fear; essay, important, stressful, treat ear: [з:], [ю] Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

15 Would you like to be a chef? rain, tail, nail, sail, hair, fairy, armchair, airport; TV presenter, fire station, hairstylist, post office, profession V+er=N


N+man=N ai: [ei] air: [еэ] It rains cats and dogs.

16 Revision. / Test. №


ка Дата Тема Обучение аспектам языка в устных формах общения (аудирование и говорение) Примечание: songs, proverbs

Лексика Грамматика Фонетика/ навыки чтения 17 My city. berry, carry, mirror, squirrel, cherry, hurry, sorry, lorry; fountain, monument, street, avenue numbers 1-1000 rr: [г] Little pigeons can carry great messages.

18 Where were you bom? stove, wave, cave, beehive, have, live, give, love; scientist, relatives, helpful, factory Past Simple “to be” words with ve They are rich who have true friends.

III четверть (10 часов)

19 1 lie interesting buildings. work, word, world,

worse, wardrobe, war, warm, reward ('om/nirntlw

gree of adjectives wor: |w i | war: [wo:J The work shows the workman.

20 Look at the map. longer, higher, stronger, shorter, longest, highest, strongest, shortest Superlative degree of adjectives er: [э] est: [ist] Actions speak louder than words.

Song “Who was in Aktau?

21 London. smiled, opened, lived, used, worked, danced, washed, watched; palace, gallery, sights, the Tube Past Simple: regular verbs (утвердительное предложение) ed: [d] ed: [t] Two toads, totally tired, travelled to Turkey together.

22 The UK’s capital cities. played, enjoyed, travelled, ordered, laughed, helped, relaxed, dropped; tour, trip, journey, ferry, castle Past Simple: irregular verbs (утвердительное предложение) ed: [d] ed: [t] A watched pot never boils.

23 Travelling. added, started, needed, wanted, waited, visited, invited, collected; battle, kilt, bagpipes, energetic, graceful Past Simple: regular verbs / irregular verbs (отрицательное предложение) ed: [id] East or West home is best.

24 Old buildings in London. naughty, caught, daughter, taught, thought, bought, brought, fought; tourist map, raincoat, bridge, milkshake, restaurant Past Simple: regular verbs / irregular verbs (вопросительное предложение и краткие ответы) aught: [o:t] ought: [o:t] I thought a thought, but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought I thought.

25 We went to London. curious, serious, furious, dangerous, famous, nervous, gracious, jealous Past Simple: regular verbs / irregular verbs (вопросительное предложение с вопросительными словами): What, Where, Who, When, How, Why ous: [as] Curiosity killed the cat.

Song “We went to London”

26 Revision. / Test. №


ка Дата* Тема Обучение аспектам языка в устных формах общения (аудирование и говорение) Примечание: songs, proverbs

Лексика Грамматика Фонетика/ навыки чтения 27 Round the world. reception, station, exception, decoration, competition, translation, exhibition, pollution; cheetah, jaguar, panther, puma, lynx, foothills Future Simple


предложение) tion: [tjbn] There is no rule without an exception.

28 Animals around the world. pigeon, giraffe, gymnastics, cage, goose,

11 о гго-rlir» m пира Future Simple (отрицательное

ГТГ\<=» TT ПГ*МУ'(='Т-ГТ/ГрЛ g: №], [g] Nightingales will not sing an я сяае

IV четверть (8 часов)

29 Weather. nature, fUrniture, pic lure, mixture, sculpture, future, vulture, temperature Future Simple

(вопросительное предложение) lure: [t|b] Custom is a second nature.

30 Seasons. try, why, fly, fry, snowy, rainy, windy, sunny Структура: “to be going to +V” (утвердительное предложение) y: [ai] У: [i] Never fly a fish till it’s caught. Song “In January snow is rare”

31 It doesn’t always rain in Britain. school, architect, Christmas, chemistry, parachute, moustache, machine, chef, swimsuit, seashell, sunscreen, beach, sandcastle Структура: “to be going to +V” (вопросительное предложение и краткие ответы) ch: [k], [Л Don’t tell tales out of school.

32 What are we going to do in May? queen, quick, question, quince, squirrel, square, squash, squeeze; trekking, rafting, resort, changeable Структура: “to be going to +V” (вопросительное предложение с вопросительными словами): what, where, when, who, why, how qu: [kw] A round peg in a square hole.

33 Revision. What will you do next summer? 34 Reading. / Play.

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