«Тип урока: комбинированный урок. Цели урока: Образовательные: расширение лингвистического кругозора учащихся, знакомство с биографией Уолта Диснея и историей создания парка развлечений ...»


Тема урока: Мир Уолта Диснея и его мульт герои

Тип урока: комбинированный урок.

Цели урока:

Образовательные: расширение лингвистического кругозора учащихся, знакомство с биографией Уолта Диснея и историей создания парка развлечений «Диснейленд», отработка и закрепление на практике правил образования и употребления глагола to be в прошедшем времени в утвердительных, вопросительных и отрицательный предложениях;

Воспитательные: воспитание уважения к культуре другого народа, воспитание культуры общения и дружелюбного отношения, формирование потребности вести самостоятельную, познавательную, учебно-развивающую деятельность;

Развивающие: развитие языковых способностей учащихся, эмоциональной готовности учащихся к коммуникации, гуманистическое развитие личности учащихся, развитие познавательного интереса и навыков самостоятельной работы.

Ресурсы для проведения урока:

Компьютер, проектор, таблички с грамматическими правилами, презентация по теме «Уолт Дисней», тематический список слов, презентации учащихся по теме «Мой любимый герой У. Диснея», учебник «Английский в фокусе 6 класс», учебник.

Ход урока.


Good morning children. Sit down please.

Доклад дежурного.

-Who is on duty today?

-I am on duty today.

- What date is it today?

- Saturday

-What season is it today?

-Today is spring now.

-What is the weather like today?

-It is sunny and cold.

-Who is absent today?

-Nobody is absent today.

Well done. thank you. sit down.

 Good morning, boys and girls! today our lesson is devoted to world famous people. We’ll speak about Walt Disney. And his biography. We’ll read the text and label the paragraphs.

to play interesting game.

Practice some sounds

And practice PAST Simple and ect. So, let’s start.

3,Речевая зарядка. Now, boys and girls! Let’s practice some sounds.(звуки потом стих)

Firstly, listen to me [], [], [au], [I], [b], [w]

So, repeat after me all together [], [], [au], [I], [b], [w]

Find the word with sound [] (money, honey, bunny, funny)

Find the word with sound [] (bear, where, their)

Find the word with sound [au] (how)

Find the word with sound [I] (bunny, plenty, money, funny, honey, really)

Find the word with sound [b] (bear, bunny, bought)

Find the word with sound [w] (went, when, where, how)

Well done, good work. Now, find English verbs in Past Simple in this short poem.

Give its original form. (на доске написаны эти глаголы в двух колонках надо соединить их) Read and match.

Had buy

Went cry

Asked have, has

Cried ask

Bought go

Read please.(Максим)

3. Помогает уч-ся включиться в речевую деятельность через микробеседу при помощи вопросов (плавно переходит в этап целеполагания):

What’s this poem about? (CARTOON is)

All children like cartoons because they are funny, interesting, colourful. Will you answer my questions?

1. Do you like watching cartoons?

2.What cartoons do you know?  

3.What’s your favourite one?

4. What are all the cartoons about?

5. What film studious do you know?

6. Who is the most famous cartoon makers?

7. Does he live now or did he live in the past?

So, as Walt Disney lived in the past, I guess it’s high time we revised the Past Simple Tense. Do you remember the rule? Ok, here are your cards and let’s have a photo dictation.

And now we`ll pass to the topic of the lesson and will speak about Walt Disney. We`ll start our work with your textbook. Please, open your books at page 70.We have a very interesting information about W. Disney. (Лиана, Руслан, Камиль, Элиза, Денис Н.)


Озаглавить (now read the text by yourselves and label the paragraphs with the headings. What paragraph №1,2,3,4?)

Карточки (Now let’s do some exercises. You have special cards with sentences. Read these statements and mark the sentences T or F.)

Физкуль минутка!

Работа с презентацией. We learned about Disney, and now we'll talk about his most famous cartoon heroes.(На доске написаны имена героев хором читаем слова.) Listen to music and try to guess the name of cartoon characters.


Goofy - a cartoon character, the hero of the cartoons Walt Disney, created in 1932.Goofy is a tall dog, one of the best friends of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

the Gummy Bears

The animated series tells of the adventures of the fairy-tale bears Gummy, who secretly from people live in the forest near the kingdom of Dunwin, guarding their secrets and traditions from other people.

Shrek In the film, the character of famous and fairy tales are collected and acted in the European culture, the traditional story lines of which are skillfully.

4 Chip and Dail. American adventure animated series, created by the studio Walt Disney Television Animation. Chip and Dale and their 3 friends- the mouse Gaik, the Australian mouse Roquefort and his friend, the fly Zhik-together forming the Rescue Team.

5.the Lion King A full-length animated film released by Disney’s studio. ‘The Lin King” was first shown in 1994. The film won two Oscar awards: for Elton John’s song “Can you feel the love tonight’, 3 Golden Globe awards, 3 Grammy Awards.

6 Aladdin Aladdin is friendly and honest guy. Always ready to help. He appreciates his loyal friends. He prefers to spend the night in his old modest dwelling, however, being on good terms with Sultan, sometimes spends time in the palace.

1.Задания на карточках (дополнительные задания)

2.посмотр мультика

Подведение итогов. Оценки за урок.

Thanks a lot for this lesson. Good job, guys! Your home task is the following Make up your own “Disney World crossword”

Thanks a lot for this lesson. I hope you liked our today`s lesson Your homework will be ex. Good job, guys!

Hello Mary,

Tom and I … (go) to Paris last weekend and

I… (want) to tell you about it.

Our hotel…(be) great so on our first night we …(eat) there. The

next day we… (decide) to visit the Eiffel Tower of course. There… (be) lots

of people, but the view…(be) amazing. Then we… (go)

shopping and I… (buy) a very expensive jacket! On Sunday

we … (have) breakfast at the hotel. Everything …(be) wonderful.

Please write back soon,


Take the sentences to make up a short Disney’s story according to your picture and put them in the right order.

Put the verbs into Past Simple form. Present your fairy-tale to the class.

Long long ago, in the Deep Sea kingdom, there ______ (live) the sea king with his five mermaid daughters.

Sirenetta _____ (be) the youngest and the loveliest among them.

One day in winter Baby _______ (walk) with his mother.

Her stepmother ______ (be) very angry, she ________ (hate) that Snow White ________(be) more beautiful than her.

There ______ (be) nobody inside, only seven small beds. 

They _____ (eat) branches of treesThe seven dwarfs __________ (arrive) home and _______ (find) Snow White sleeping.

She _______ (have) a beautiful voice and everybody ________ (come) to hear her voice and praise her beauty.

One day, while Sirenetta ______ (see) a young man who ____ (fall) off his ship.

Hunters _______ (shout) his mother and she ___________ (die).

This man ____ (be) the prince.

Sirenetta ______fell in love with the prince, but she _______ sad because she _____had a fish tail!




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