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:the Kunstkammer, Peterhof, Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Armoury Chamber, the Tsar Bell, the Tsar Cannon, the Crimea, St.Petersburg, Moscow.

:Corsica, America, Sakhalin,London, Baker Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Kaluga Region, Africa, France, Trafalgar Square, Elbrus, Everest, Cuba, Madagascar, HydePark, the Crimea.

Teacher:Hello, everybody! Im very glad to see you. Hows a thing?

Well, today we start Unit 3 Holidays and the title of the first lesson isThe Tsar Bell and theKunstkammer.And I promise, you'll have a very nice experience.


. Teacher:Pupils, listen, read and repeat after me and translate:

-The average temperature of the water in the oceans is about 40C.

- Sea water freezes at 20C.

- The Coral Sea is the largest in the world.

- The deepest point on the ocean floor is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

- The highest mountains in the world are the Himalayas.

Lake Baikal

The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal. It is 636 km long and 48 km wide. The Baikal is 1,620 meters deep. More than 300 rivers run into the Baikal, and only one, the Angara, drains it. The saltier lake in the world is the Dead Sea. Because there is so much salt it is very easy swim in this sea.

The Nile

The worlds longest river is the Nile. The White Nile and the Blue Nile join in Sudan and form the Nile. TheNileflowsthroughEgyptintotheMediterraneanSea.

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Teacher:Let us work at your pronunciation. Open your textbooks at page 46 ex. 2. Listen, read and repeat after the speaker.

The KunstkammerPeterhofRed Square

The Kremlin

St Basils Cathedral

The Bolshoi Theatre

The Hermitage

The Tretyakov Gallery

The Armory Chamber

The Tsar Bell

The Tsar Cannon

The Crimea

St Petersburg


Teacher:Look through these names and say which of the names are:

museumsThe Kunstkammer, The Hermitage, The Tretyakov Gallery, The Armory Chamber;

place namesThe Crimea, St Petersburg, Moscow

places of interestThe Tsar Bell, The Tsar Cannon, The Kremlin, PeterhoftheatersThe Bolshoi Theatre;

squaresRed Square;

cathedralSt Basils Cathedral.


SpeakEnglishinclass, Doyourememberthe tasks? . 45 , , , , :

What places of interest do you see?

Do you know anything about them?

Do you have your favorite places of interest?

Did you visit Moscow and St. Petersburg?

Teacher:Pupils, we have a virtual trip around the world today.

We visit different countries and cities, go round its sightseeing.

What about the weather? What is it like today? Its raining. Butlook!Itisunusualrain.Itsthegrammarrain.

- - Thearticle :

1 : 1 . 46 - .1

2 :

Teacher:Oh, pupils! Look! The grammar rain is over! The sun is shining!


Teacher:And now we are having a trip around the world.

The 2ndstationis Did you know sightseeing of Moscow and St Petersburg?

4. 47

Teacher:Pupils, look at these pictures, please. Where can you see these places?

Match the names and the pictures. Lookatthemodel.

( .)

P1:The first picture isPeterhof. I can see it if I visitSt Petersburg.

P2:The second picture isthe Kremlin. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P3:The third picture isthe Summer Garden. I can see it if I visitSt Petersburg.

P4:The fourth picture isthe Armoury Chamber. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P5:The fifth picture isthe Hermitage. I can see it if I visitSt Petersburg.

P6:The sixth picture isthe Tsar Bell. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P7:The seventh picture isStBasils Cathedral. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P8:The eighth picture isthe Bolshoi Theatre. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P9:The ninth picture isthe Mariinsky Theatre. I can see it if I visitSt Petersburg.

P10:The tenth picture isRed Square. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P11:The eleventh picture isthe Tsar Cannon. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P12:The twelfth picture isthe Tretyakov Gallery. I can see it if I visitMoscow.

P13:The thirteenth picture isthe Kunstkammer. I can see it if I visitSt Petersburg.


5 . 48

The3rdstation- Test ( ) ( )

The 4thstation Around the world

Teacher:And now we are visiting different countries. Look at these pictures.Where can you see these places? Open yourtextbooks at page 48 ex. 6. Do this exerciseinyourworkbooks.

6 . 48( ).

. 7() . 49

Teacher:Are you ready? Check your answers, please.

Ex. 7

TheEiffel Tower is inFrance.

TheBerlin Wall is inGermany.

TheVatican Museum is inItaly.

TheTsar Bell is inRussia.

TheStatue of Liberty is inthe USA.

TheGreat Wall is inChina.

TheNatural History Museum is inEngland.

Teacher:Our trip is over. You were nice. Thank you.

Teacher:Write down your home task.Translate the texts LakeBaikal and The Nile at pages 22, 24 in your workbooks 1;,, C, D atpage 49 in your textbooks,,, C, D at pages 23, 24 in your workbooks1. And please, read the words at page 44 in your textbooks.

. .

Teacher:Oh, time is up. The lesson is over. But one moment, please.I'm sure you have photos which you brought from your holidays. Will youplease bring them to theclass it'll be nice to look at them? Well, goodbye now.

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